Resolutions- Get Rid of Them!

@bitmoji stories  - resolutions

@bitmoji stories  - resolutions

Before you dive into your 2019 resolutions...

Think of this-

New Year #resolutions are broken by March. Why?  Because they are too constricting, overwhelming and complicated  to keep up or meet them.  

And let’s face it we are a species that are simple and crave things to be easy. 

So why have them in the first place? Just get rid of them. 

Instead choose a feeling or word that will represent what you want to accomplish for the year. 

 Benefits of a Word 

The beauty of choosing a word or feeling that that will represent the year is that it is flexible and broad enough that you can choose different experiences, tasks and activities to meet it. You are not constricted into one specific to do (and we all know that with our hectic lives, we are lucky enough when we take a shower- so flexibility is key). 

It’s focused enough that if anything comes to you and doesn’t fit into your chosen word or feeling you can either delete it, say no, or choose not to do it.

And it’s simple and easy enough that you will remember all the time and not forget half way in March. 

 How to Choose a Word or Feeling

But how can we choose the perfect word or feeling for the year. Because we all know that we want to accomplish many things.

First you have see what it is the one thing that will make you feel good at the end of 2019 when you say you have accomplished it. Is it that you want to finish the unfinished books you have put on the side because “not enough time?” Is it that you want to lose weight? Is it that you want to finally create that side hustle. Whatever it may be, it will definitely have a word that describe it. And if you have many see what is the overall consensus on all of them.

For starters, for the unfinished option, your word may be “accountable” 

and for losing weight it may be “active, mobile, movement,”  

and for the side hustle - “launch”  

and if you look at all three, the perfect word is accountable. So write that one down in your planner. that is your word. And then for feeling it may be “Satisfied.” 

Whatever the end goal is, pick one actionable word or feeling to describe it. 

For instance, for me- my end goal is not to scream at my kids. I also want to trust and let things come to me because I noticed that I am a control freak.

Therefore, I chose the feeling Calm. I want to tackle everything I do with a calm demeanor. So when the kids are driving me crazy or something is triggering a response that makes me scream, I say to myself in my quiet voice- Calm. And immediately I calm down and stops me from screaming. 

And then for my word I chose - Trust

or if you put it together Calm Trust.

This provides me with a vision of calm and of being trusting. Also the words are actionable enough that allows me to act or reminds me to do just what I intend to accomplish.

And don’t beat yourself if you have more than one word. For instance, I also have confidence, and depending on the situation I use it interchangeably with Trust. So some days my mantra is Calm Confidence and the other day it may be Calm Trust, 

And if you pick two words-just make sure that the words work with each other. Like Trust helps with gaining confidence and Vice versa. They help each other be powerful and reinforce what I want to accomplish.  

And what I love the most about it is that I have the flexibility to change it at any time (because life happens) and still feel accomplished.  

So remember forget the resolutions and instead replace them with a feeling or word because your 2019 self will thank you for it! 

What is your word or feeling? Why? Do share! 




Photo cree: @productivitymoms  

Photo cree: @productivitymoms  

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